You have been identified to attend the upcoming PSPL Surf Juniors Tryouts the weekend of October 22nd. The purpose of this tryout is to identify and select players to join the PSPL Surf Juniors program for the upcoming 2018 season.

PSPL Surf Academy Background and Mission:
The PSPL Surf Academy exists to support its member Puget Sound Premier League teams and 25,000 players statewide. The Academy is a place of higher leaning for ambitious players to train and play with like minded ambitious players. The PSPL Surf Academy provides additional training and playing opportunities which compliment the clubs under the guidance of the league’s top national and regional coaches.

Please click the following link for additional information on the upcoming tryouts: CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you at the PSPL Surf Juniors Tryouts!


The PSPL Surf Academy