PSPL Coaching Education Vision

The PSPL considers coaching education to be at the forefront of our long term Player Development Program.  Coaches can and do consistently make a difference at all ages and levels of play from the youngest and newest recreational players to the premier level high schooler and beyond.  As an ongoing and expanding program, the PSPL will be placing a stronger emphasis on coaching education, offering more to our coaches so they can continually improve and grow as the leaders of our soccer community.

To the PSPL, it is clear that a full agenda for Coaching Education should be specific to the needs of a youth coach in Washington state. Recognizing that generic sessions are not realistically going to help the typical youth coach, we continue to morph and mold our program with the hope and expectation that every coach be able to find various educational opportunities.

NSCAA Diplomas & online learning opportunities!                    

The objective of the coaching diplomas and e-Learning platform is to provide all soccer coaches with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge. To see more about our online learning partnership with the NSCAA, click HERE.

It is our hope to help soccer coaches develop towards their fullest potential.  Structured and appropriate cirriculum -- and a 24/7 online learning platorm -- is crucial to meeting these goals. The PSPL is qualified to host US National federation coaches licenses and all NSCAA diploma courses. 

Designed to meet the needs of today's modern youth soccer coach, the PSPL is working directly with the NSCAA to provide a comprehensive Coaching Education Program.  NSCAA instructors Dave Simeone, Erik Oman and Eddie Henderson are PSPL Staff Members. 

Through this effort, the PSPL provides:

  • A program to earn NSCAA diplomas.
  • Online learning platform partnership with NSCAA. Click e-learning for more details.
  • Access to specialst diplomas such as goalkeeping, director of coaching and special topics.
  • A system which improves a coach's knowledge of the game, methodology, and teaching methods.
  • Appropriate cirriculum for a coach's team age and level of play.
  • Valuable information and current coaching trends state-wide, nationally, and internationally.


Current NSCAA Courses:

NSCAA Goalkeeping Courses:


Special Topics:

The PSPL offers an onging series of Special Topics for coaches.  These Special Topics sessions aim to do something unique.  Sessions can be a few hours, or a multi-day event.  They can be classroom based or field based or both.  Cost for coaches is always reasonable and sometimes free.

Click SPECIAL TOPICS for upcoming sessions.

Here are a few of the past Special Topics sessions hosted by the PSPL:

  • Identifying Talent
  • Nutritiion for the developing youth athlete
  • Zonal Defending in a 4-3-3
  • Injury Prevention for the athlete
  • How to coach when your team is up by 5 or down by 5

PSPL Coaching Summit:

Now, one our most anticipated annual events, the PSPL Coaching Summit has proven to be a big hit and an invaluable source of information for coaches of all levels and abilities.  The Summit is a two-day event filled with back-to-back coaching sessions, lectures and Q&A sessions with the presenters.  The Summit has hosted some of the biggest names: including Tony Dicicco (former WNT coach), Jeff Tipping (former NSCAA Director of Coaching), Wayne Harrison (former San Diego Surf Boys Coaching Director) and Ian Barker (NSCAA Director of Coaching).


Other Coaching Education Programs:

Club Development Progam:

  • Running parallel to the PSPL Surf Academy, the PSPL Club Development Program seeks to partner with clubs, sharing and collaborating on the development needs of those clubs.  Educating coaches and implementing training parallels plus sharing same development plan and goals will ultimately lead individual player success as those coaches can work directly with the PSPL Surf Academy staff

Monthly Coaching Education Newsletter:

  • Every month, Eddie and Simi provide invaluable insights on various youth soccer topics.  Topics may inlcude just about anything relevant to todays youth coach: philosopjy, methodology, fitness, nutrition, etc.  Coaches will also find some of Eddie and Simi's favorite activities and training tips that are sure to find their way onto your practice field.

Chalk Talk With Simi and Eddie's Corner:

  • Here you can catch up on past Monthly Coaching Education Newsletters that you may have missed, plus, from time-to-time you'll get some exclusive materials and information that you wont find anywhere else.  Keep checking back as we continue to build out these pages.


Meet our staff:

Eddie Henderson Dave Simeone

PSPL Technical Director
PSPL Surf Academy Director

Email:  Click Here

PSPL Surf Academy Asst. Director
PSPL Director of Coaching Education

Email:  Click Here


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